Easy All Grain Brewing Instrucitons

thermometerSo you’re ready to make the leap to all grain brewing. Where to start? One thing I hated about embarking upon the path of all grain brewing was not the lack of information out there, but that the information was hard to understand. So many terms and techniques that brewers take for granted most people do not understand or are somewhat confusing. Take grain for example. Why is barley primarily used in brewing instead of wheat? What’s lautering? Sparging? Are they the same? The list could on but you get the idea.

I’ve compiled a short guide in laymen’s terms on easy all grain brewing Instructions including advice on equipment, mashing, lautering, fermentation, and packaging. It’s by no means exhaustive or complete, but it will give you a good idea of the process from start to finish. We will start out by going over the minimum of equipment you will need. Then we will explore the mysteries of grains and adjuncts, move on to mashing and sparging, cover the basics of boiling and scheduling and finish with fermentation, such as cooling and creating yeast starters. The last thing we will cover is packing up the beer for consumption.

One thing I won’t cover is recipe design and style guidelines. This could be a book in itself and there are plenty of great books out there on the subject. The assumption here is that you have all grain recipes and you need to execute them.